The Results Are In

I can't believe its been almost a year since my last blog post. I really fell off the wagon during the second half of my pregnancy and then just the thought of writing something with the two little's seemed overwhelming. If I do get a moment to myself I usually try to pee or eat! So you all can thank my coach Dan, who took these beautiful photos and sent a text that read "for your next blog post". So, this is for you, Dan Lao.


Most of you didn't know I was signed up for a weight lifting competition until I started posting the photos and videos from it. Well, that was intentional because I was definitely nervous and thought I may not successfully complete any of my lifts. Eeeeek, that would be embarrassing. Let me explain how the competition works and then you'll understand.

There are two lifts that I performed. The first is called a snatch and the second lift is called a clean and jerk. I got three attempts at each that could increase in weight. There are 3 judges surrounding the lifting platform that decide if the lift counts. They are mostly looking to see if I caught the barbell with my arms locked out overhead and that I had control before I let it drop. 

I have been wanting to be a part of the weightlifting community for a while now because I am more natural at it than I am at crossfit. My goal was to see if I could land my lifts on stage and to see if it was something I would enjoy. If you haven't already seen the videos online, I landed my lifts. All six of them. I am really proud of myself for taking this on and for doing well under pressure. 

I landed all three snatches at 52 Kg, 54 Kg and a 57 Kg PR.

Clean and Jerk 73 Kg, 75 Kg and 77 Kg

Now, was this something that I enjoyed? Do I want to do this again? The answer is yes, absolutely. I actually already signed up for my next meet and I completed my first day of training today. 

Thanks Dan and Rachel for your coaching and everyone else for the ongoing support and interest. It really means a lot to me. :)

And no I didnt win, but hopefully one day I will!


My Babies

Thor is 2.5 and Titan is 7 months neither of them wanted to take this pic!!!



Dan Lao- Acuo Barbell Club

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Barbell Babes


Rachel and Amanda


Heat 3

Badass Chicks