Our Big Maui Gender Reveal

Luke, Thor and I had a tasty (overpriced) dinner with live music where Thor shook his booty to the music and got dozens of compliments on his adorable bow tie. Then we walked along the beach with our magical envelope!! This envelope would tell us if Thor was going to have a little brother or little sister in August. I had carried it with me for over a week and was dying to open it. So much that I even let my girlfriends on our girls trip take a peak. Just because I wanted to wait and share a special moment with the hubs didn't mean that I was gonna make everyone else wait. Plus I was kinda hoping one of them would slip and tell me. Hehe! Of course they didn't.

Here's Luke's reaction 

We are so excited to be expecting another little boy, but to be honest i'm still a little shocked! I grew up with 2 sisters and they both each have 2 daughters, so I was fully prepared for girls and know nothing about boys. Being a mom to Thor has been amazing and full of surprises! (like pee spraying everywhere, I mean everywhere!!) So, to have another boy on the way is amazing and insane, I seriously can't get over it! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by all of these adorable, sweet guys. 

I had all sorts of fun ideas for a beautiful Maui photo shoot. One was leis the color of the gender, the other was snow cones on the beach. Both sounded Hawaiian and perfect! One of the problems was that the only time available was during Thor's nap. I told myself, "he's flexible and even if he's not, surely we will get a few good pictures". The next problem was that it was impossible to find a real blue lei and also the snow cone shop wasn't open during the time of our photo shoot. So basically I had nothing!!! But, we continued on with plans in hopes of still getting fun pictures. Wow, was I wrong!!!! Every single photo was a disaster. Thor either looked like he was asleep or was crying in them all. The photographer looked at me with optimistic eyes hoping that surely I would like them. He even told me during the photo shoot that the beginning of a cry looks like laughter. Well, unfortunately, I am very particular when it comes to photos seeing how I lived in Los Angeles and did many photo shoots during my 5 or more years there. So needless to say, I didn't purchase a single one, even though I felt terrible for wasting the photographers time, I wasn't about to waste money on photos I hated. Here are a few of the photos that we took on the beach the night we opened the envelope and the next day when the snow cone stand opened, not professional, but still very special. 

I secretly think that my husband was exited that we didnt have to buy any photos because if you know him, you know he loves to not spend the money!! (although, he would never have told me that!)

Thanks for reading and sharing in our excitement over baby boy #2, we are accepting any suggestions on names!! Thanks you guys