The Crazy Cycle

Forgetting i have diabetes

Forgetting i have diabetes

I really wanted to write about some of my favorite things that help me manage my blood sugar everyday, but instead I really need to vent about what a roller coaster my blood sugar has been tonight and its only 8:37. 

It started as an amazing day with the family. Luke took the day off for Thor's 1st birthday and we got family photos, went to the little gym, had lunch and went to the zoo. It was sooooo much fun. Until the moment i realized that I hadn't changed my Omnipod before i left the house this morning. (My insulin pump)

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.00.08 PM.png

Normal blood sugar is between 70-140. Well, my pod expired at 3:30 and we were home around 5. My blood sugar was an amazing 80 something but had 4 units on-board so I opted to not give myself extra insulin to cover me while I was "offline" in fear of going low. MISTAKE. From 4-6 it went straight up even though while I was in the car at 4:45 I gave myself 4 units from my backup insulin pen and then at 5:30 I activated a new pod and proceeded to give myself 25 carbs as a pre-dinner bolus. My blood sugar continued to climb to 300 which terrified me!!! So obviously I did what any good diabetic would do... I gave myself  50 carbs more worth of insulin and started a temp basal of 50% more and also started running around the house to kick start it! I worked up a sweat and within 10 minutes or so it started to drop. Here comes the fun part... Double arrow down.  Yay, its going down fast, but wait, when will it stop... at around 100 I start eating for fear of a serious low. First I started by casually eating my quinoa turkey dinner. Double arrow down still at 67, so I switch to Oreo's. It continues going down until it finally plateaus at 49 after I've consumed a cup of quinoa, yogurt, banana, 3 oreos and a glass of milk. 

My current blood sugar situation is 175 with a single arrow going up. I calculated all of the carbs that I ate to be 127. I divided 127 by my carb ratio, 8 and got 15.9 I subtracted it by 4 because of the insulin on board and got 12. So I then took 12 units to cover all the things I ate while I was low. Dear lord please level out so I can get some sleep tonight. PLEASE

What is it with the crazy overreactions!!! I get so scared that I overreact and swing myself into crazy highs and lows. I tell myself I wont do it again, but when I'm staring at my CGM (continual glucose meter-tacks my blood sugars) and its in the upwards of 200s all logic goes out the door and i tell myself that I will be able to perfectly time it so that I can get back on track. Ya, because diabetes is predictable!!!! Haha. I will keep you all posted if my calculations for my correction works!!! Please pray for me, I know I need to stick to juice boxes and patience, but low blood sugar scares the crap out of me and i would rather play it safe than lose consciousness.

This type of thing seems to happen on big days where I really want to enjoy my friends and family. I tend to ignore my diabetes management and just hope for the best because keeping track of carbs and blood sugars are time consuming, distracting and take me away from what I really want to be enjoying. In this case, it was celebrating my sons 1st birthday. I regret it every time and nothing ruins a special time like getting shaky and sweaty from low blood sugar. I will do better, I will do better, I will do better!!!!

Here are some pictures from our fun day, before it went south!!

Happy birthday sweetheart!!!

Happy birthday sweetheart!!!